"I situate my work at the intersection of science and aesthetics: a hybrid space where technological concerns meet the seductiveness of natural imagery. Upholding this ethics of hybridity and permissiveness, I try not to limit my materials, allowing myself to weave technology into images of nature or to source organic matter directly. By giving myself this license to commingle and mix, I hope to produce soundscapes without fixed horizons or circumscribed borders. My work is always tangential, never linear or straightforwardly progressive. By adopting this oblique standpoint I attempt to seek access to the irregular interchanges between nature and culture; a moveable border which continues to provide a springboard for my thought and a point of departure for my practice."

I see the body of work as an aggregate anatomy, comprised of multiple parts. Whilst the parts are distinct, they are also to an extent interdependent, existing in symbiosis with each other and the viewer who, in stopping to look, enters this sensory network. The parts of this body reflect the cornerstones of my artistic investigations - light, sound, movement, flight - the elemental components of a fascination with ascent into territories unknown."

Jane Edden

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